what is it all about?

Who Are We?


Our core purpose is to help organisations find a better way to deliver truly effective change - the 'seemingly impossible'. We see the world as constantly evolving - change is the norm and business as usual the exception. We embrace  'Teal' as part of our core  philosophy -  it guides us and we use our many years of experience to help bring it to life for you. 

We believe that Teal is the next evolutionary step in the approach to managing organisations - one we are instinctively drawn to in our bid to help organisations in this brave new world.

We believe in helping organisations become a place where people chose to work, creates a real sense of purpose, embraces the 'whole' of the person and allows space for creativity and a work life balance. This manifests itself in many ways including: 

- developing common, purposeful goals and a sense of community

- providing an innovative and creative environment 

- providing a real focus on customer service and developing unique and useful products

- delivering outstanding outcomes.

If you would like to know more about Teal as a management philosophy ad how it can work in reality, we can highly recommend 'Reinventing Organisations' by Frederick Laloux:


If books aren't your thing check out his Ted talks instead: 


Our Services


We help organisations create truly inspiring visions and how they can achieve the 'seemingly impossible'. Whilst our services may sound mainstream, the application of them is anything but. Our services include:

1. Strategy development -  development of a clear and meaningful purpose and a set of cultural and operating principles by which you will realise that purpose.

2. Business transformation  - creating and embedding buy-in to the organisation’s purpose, developing a self-managed team culture, fit-for-purpose operating model and organisation structure.

3. Performance Management -   developing metrics for organisational performance which include team and individual performance management relevant to a self-managed and innovative team culture.

4. Troubleshooting and understanding where you are now - carrying out honest reviews to truly understand what really needs to happen in order to be the change you want to see.

5. We also offer our own form of coaching for those who want to engage in a more personal way - our 'transformation rumble partnerships'. These partnerships can be organised as one-to-one sessions or with small groups. The aim of our 'rumbles' are two-fold: a) to provide a safe space for you to share your vulnerability, challenges and frustrations, without fear, judgement or reprisals and b) to access our expertise, skills and knowledge to help you make the impossible possible and step forward as daring and inspirational leaders of transformation.

What Is Required?


We believe that there are 5 critical ingredients required for effective business transformation:

1. Trust - creating a culture that enables self managed teams and peer management therefore creating the freedom of a 'trust' based organisation

2. A common and purposeful goal that matters - people need to matter, what they do needs to matter, add real value and a sense of achievement

3. Self managed and empowered teams - step outside of the norm, explore flexible working and embrace true diversity

4. A creative and innovative culture - create the space for ideas to germinate and grow, allow failure, encourage play and experimentation

5. Engage the whole of a person - don't draw a line between professional and personal persona's - embrace all of a person, their personality, beliefs, culture, intuition, skills and constraints. Find a way to play to their strengths, don't penalise them for their weaknesses.

Our objective is to help our clients create an organisation that achieves the 'seemingly impossible'