The merry band

Nik Davis


Nik Davis is a business transformation expert. Nik is a strategic ‘thinker’, often described as a ‘force of nature’. Nik specialises in motivating, guiding and empowering organisations to define and translate their strategic purpose into an operational reality. She is eccentric, visionary and inspires others to go where they may not have been before.

Michael Youngman


Michael is a Chartered Engineer and Certified Project Manager. Michael specialises in shaping and delivering  large-scale technical transformation programmes. He is an alternative thinker who likes to apply his technical expertise to the creation of original ideas. Michael uses his deep technical knowledge and content rich advice to help people achieve more by doing things  differently. 

Shannon Faulkner


Shannon is a specialist in the Financial Services Sector. Her experience covers consumer and business markets including both prime and near-prime finance.  Shannon supports clients across the entire finance journey including the thorny area of arrears, litigation and recovery. She is passionate about her industry and actually understands Bitcoin and AI!  She is constantly looking to expand her knowledge, inspire others and generally seize the day.

Susie Chambers


Susie is an all singing, all dancing Education and facilitation expert and that's no joke! Susie is a professional musician as well as being a successful Thought Leader and Project Manager. Susie is the National Policy lead for England and Wales on Family Learning, Intergenerational Learning and Community Learning. She is passionate about Education but also brings a truly fresh and alternative approach to facilitating workshops, inspiring creativity in people and communicating complex and sensitive issues.