who are we?


A Merry Band Of People

We are all independent, free thinking individuals who like to do things differently. It's fair to say that we are a little eccentric and like to step outside of the 'norm' to get things done. We have all lived within the 'norm' and it doesn’t always provide a total sense of fulfilment . Our work is a core part of who we are, so we want to enjoy it. Work adds to our quality of life it doesn't and shouldn't compromise it. And neither should yours.

Our Comfort Zone

We all intuitively do and get 'Teal' as a management approach for our brave new world. We believe the future for organisations and their approach to transformation has to change to be truly effective. We also apply the 'Teal' philosophy to ourselves so, we 'walk the talk' and learn as we go along. We're fine with that - we have intellect, experience, a passion to learn and motivation and understand that it's ok not to know everything.

Our Style

We are not your classic consultant. We come from blue chip backgrounds which is great because that means we got world class training, worked with interesting people and experienced lots of different organisations and their problems. But we decided to deliver our consulting a little bit differently. We work in partnership with you - we don't know better things, we know different things. We like to get to know you as people and vice versa - we bring all of ourselves to you because having a relationship based on trust is a game changer. We don't work en-masse and we don't do 60 hour weeks. We are there to help you see things differently, support, facilitate, offer expertise and provide guidance not to do it all for you or to you. 

Our Sales Process

We don't really have one. Our core drivers are intellectual stimulation, human connection and genuine purpose. From that comes passion, belief and motivation. We share our thoughts and knowledge freely and widely. We love having conversations, exploring concepts and creating new approaches and methods. After all that, if you want to invest with us, that's great. We get paid in many ways - knowledge, experience, enjoyment and £'s. If there is a fit between us value will be created. We will have a conversation and work it out.

What Now?

Just talk to us - share your issues, challenges, hopes, aspirations and fears. Let's explore the 'seemingly impossible'. There is no expectation just a conversation to see whether we might be able to help you create what it is that you seek.